Saturday, August 21st, Matthew Wright, Ethan Hayes, Zach Randolph, & other local fighters enter the square circle to box.

Matthew "The Gladiator" Wright

Undefeated Professional FIghter by way of 4-0, 2 KO, and owner of local electoral contractor N&S Electric. Matthew Wright always brings electricity to the ring.

Matthew earned the name "The Gladiator" while winning 3 Toughman competitions.

Matthew is looking to continue he streak

Ethan Hayes

Rising MMA Superstar and Undefeated Professional Boxer, by way of Preston County, West Virginia.

Ethan trains with some of the hardest fighters in the region. Ethan is 3-1 in Pro MMA and 1-0 in Pro Boxing.

This night Ethan will lace up the boxing gloves.

Cameron "The Hammer" Hoffman

Cameron " The Hammer" Hoffman is a local contractor & Semi-Pro Fighter out of Maidsville WV.

The Hammer is coming off a revenge victory over his high school tormentors Daniel "Big Bubba" McGIlton in the ring.

Cameron is looking to step back in the ring and come out victorious.

I came to Bad Blood a couple of years ago, and the show was intense and filled with action.

Alisa Juilian

I watched Matt fight twice in Morgantown and every time he swung for the fences every punch every round.


I knew Ethan since we were both young and he is the hardest working nicest guy I've ever meet. Then I was surprised to see him turn into a savage in the cage and ring.


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